Please note the following:

The Morden & District League fixtures are published only one month in advance .

The League will occasionally change a fixture on the Monday night. Do not assume that if there is no fixture that one will not be allocated.

DATE 1st Team       2nd Team       3rd Team       Str Team    
14.08.11 The Lounge F A   Woolpack F A   No Game . .   No Game . .
21.08.11 Sutton High F H   No Game . H   No Game . .   Chessington North Star Vets F H
28.08.11 No Game . .   Parkhead F A   Raynes Park Rovers F A   No Game . .
04.09.11 Ewell Athletic F A   The 3rd Team F H   The 2nd Team F H   Cheam Rangers Vets F H
11.09.11 Merton Rangers L H   Southlands L H   Fullerton F A   No Game . .
18.09.11 Vandyke L A   Grand Drive L A   Tooting Bec Rovers L H   Shumba Warrior Vets L H
25.09.11 Central Ward L H   Woodside Athletic L H   The Heritage L A   No Game . .
02.10.11 Grunwald L A   No Game . .   Kew Antigua C L H   FC Ashtead Vets L H
09.10.11 Walsingham L H   Chessington Sports C A   AFC Rio Res L A   Mole Valley SCR Vets L A
16.10.11 AFC Links C H   North Cheam Albion C A   Dunsfold Vikings C A   Mondial Vets L A
23.10.11 Epsom Eagles Seniors C A   Arantes L H   Kew Antigua C L A   FC Ashtead C H
30.10.11 Central Ward L A   Woodside Athletic L A   The Heritage L H   Merton Manor Vets L H
06.11.11 Bingham L H   Southlands C H   Tooting Bec Rovers L A   Sporting Tooting C A
13.11.11 Hillcroft L A   Southland L A   St Helier Res L H   Sutton High Vets C H
20.11.11 AFC Links C H   Grand Drive L H   Vitoria C A   No Game . .
27.11.11 Merton Rangers L A   No Game . .   Fulham Compton Casuals L A   Mondial Vets L H
04.12.11 Vandyke L H   Croydon JFC C H   Croygas Phoenix Res C A   FC Ashtead Vets L A
11.12.11 Walsingham L A   AFC Beddington 2005 C H   South West Eighteen L A   Shumba Warriors Vets L H
18.12.11 Hillcroft L H   No Game . .   Wimbledon Athletic L A   Grafton C H
25.12.11 XMAS . .   XMAS . .   XMAS . .   XMAS . .
01.01.12 NEW YEAR L .   NEW YEAR . .   NEW YEAR . .   NEW YEAR . .
08.01.12 FC Camberley C A   Norton Res L H   Manor Park L H   No Game . .
15.01.12 ADF Machico L A   Arantes L A   Fulham Compton Casuals L H   Epsom Eagles Seniors Vets C A
22.01.12 Bingham L A   Ironside L H   AFC Rio C A   Mole Valley SCR Vets L H
29.01.12 The 2nd Team F H   The 1st Team F H   South West Eighteen L H   Merton Manor Vets L A
05.02.12 ADF Machio postponed L H   No Game . .   St Helier postponed L A   South Wimbledon Vets postponed L H
12.02.12 AFC Links postponed L A   Putney Lions postponed L H   AFC Rio postponed L H   Putney Lions Vets postponed L A
19.02.12 Sutton High C A   Norton Res L A   Manor Park L A   Putney Lions Vets L H
26.02.12 AFC Links L H   No Game . .   Strollers F H   The 3rd Team F H
04.03.12 ADF Machio L H   Ironsides L A   Wimbledon Athletic L A   South Wimbledon Vets L A
11.03.12 AFC Links L A   Putney Lions L H   St Helier Res L A   No Game . .
18.03.12 No Game . .   Cosmos L H   AFC Rio postponed L H   South Wimbledon Vets L H
25.03.12 Grunwald L H   Cosmos L A   No Game . .   Merton Manor Vets F H
01.04.12 No Game . .   Putney Lions L A   No Game . .   Putney Lions L A
08.04.12 EASTER . .   EASTER . .   EASTER L .   Inter Sutton C H
15.04.12 No Game . .   No Game . .   AFC Rio Res L H   No Game . .
22.04.12 No Game . .   No Game . .   No Game . .   Grafton Strollers C H
27.05.12 No Game . .   No Game . .   No Game . .   Londrina C A

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